Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Can you Trust Your Pet

Pet Trusts are becoming increasingly more popular.  People who love pets realize the only way to ensure their pets will be properly cared for in the event of a permanent inability to care for their pets or in the event of death is to create and properly fund a Pet Trust.  Pet Trusts are designed to provide lifetime protection to our four-legged furry faced kids - the ones who never grow up and can never be truly independent. 

Part of creating a Pet Trust is deciding who will be your Pet Caregiver.  This is the person who will be responsible for the day-to-day care of your pet.  It's the person who will feed your pet, love your pet, exercise your pet, take your pet to the vet for regular visits and when they are sick.  It is important to have both a primary Pet Caregiver and one or two back up caregivers, just in case.

Some people will use Animal Care Panels.  This is a group of people you select to oversee the day-to-day care of the Pet Caregiver.  This can include friends, family and even veterinarians.  The Animal Care Panel can also be used to find a replacement Pet Caregiver in the event your chosen caregivers are unable to provide lifetime care for your pet.

Trusts also need trustees.  A trustee is responsible for the investment, administration and distribution of trust assets according to the instructions in the trust. Rarely should your Pet Trustee be the same person as your Pet Caregiver - there's a conflict of interest.  You want to make sure your Pet Caregiver does one thing really well - cares for your pet.  Your Pet Trustee should also do one thing really well - manage the trust assets for the benefit of your pet. 

Animal Care Trust grew out of requests by clients to provide these very important Pet Trust services.  Peggy is the author of "All My Children Wear Fur Coats - How to Leave a Legacy for Your Pet" and has many people create Pet Trusts to provide lifetime protection for their pets.  These same people and others have now asked her to recommend a Pet Trustee.  Most corporate trustees are not equipped to provide Pet Trust services.  Either the value of the trust is too low or the responsibility is too high. 

Animal Care Trust does one thing - provide superior trustee services to Pet Trusts.  For more information contact us at